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I grew up on a mini-farm with horses, chickens, pigs, cats, and most importantly, with our faithful companions- our dogs. We had Dobermans, German Shepherds and strays we took in as pets. We always had dogs around and I was very close to all of them growing up. My first Doberman puppy was when I was around 6 years old and all I can remember is how strange that puppy looked with a white cup on her ears!

When I was a teen I was quite a nature explorer and had the perfect companion along my side- My Dobie ‘Macho’.  He went with me all over the country side hiking through woods, discovering creeks, lime quarries, cows, pig farms, critters and snakes. We went canoeing together in my dad’s canoe on the pond and down the marshy tree areas. He was like my guardian angel, always 2 steps ahead of me- discovering unsafe things like snakes and killing them, or warning me before I crossed their paths.

When I was a teenager, we bought our first European Dobes, 2 sisters (a brown/rust & a black/rust)- Clea and Ava. They were from Germany. My mother purchased them from a coworker who had recently moved from Germany and imported their Dobes to America with them. They were gorgeous and such faithful companions too! They followed me every place I went on all of our land too!  🙂

As an adult I have always kept pets and my faithful Doberman companions. I wanted my children to have an alert, fearless guard dog that loved to play with children as much as keep an eye on them.


After my children grew up I I’ve always enjoyed jogging any place and anytime. I would jog in the city, the suburbs, the beach, and the mountains, anywhere my feet took me. My favorite places were being in the great outdoors and I always enjoyed hiking trails (usually in isolated areas).

One thing I was missing for a short time of my adulthood was my faithful furry companion by my side, especially while jogging. I had that experience many years of my life with several dogs and I knew it was high time I found my faithful furry companion again. 

My husband kept telling me to wait for another furry companion. Finally, one day he said that I needed a dog ASAP because he was worried about me being all alone jogging everywhere while he was at work. (I had told him of a few close encounters that were not safe situations.) He said, “I have a wife who jogs in the woods, in the city, in parks where prisoners work, everywhere and all by herself!” He was also concerned because we had a lot of house break-ins in our neighborhood and all around our city.

Perfect! I was about to get my personal request.  From that moment on, I didn’t hesitate to research and dig deep into every type of breed that would suite my life perfectly. I needed a faithful dog who didn’t want to run off and do his own thing. My dog needed to be comfortable around a lot of people and action; he did not need to be skittish, aggressive or paranoid. I needed a breed that looked intimidating and was naturally protective. I also needed a dog that was both very intelligent and very discerning who can analyze a situation correctly, and react accordingly. I needed a breed with an extremely high alert system (body and brain) that could respond very quickly. I needed a short haired dog because I had long haired dogs before and hated the clean-up, plus in the deep-south, the shorter haired dog had a much greater heat tolerance. I knew I needed to take some time to study the breeds thoroughly before I made my final decision.

I was very familiar with all the breeds because I bred dogs in my youthful past and was a member of the American Kennel Club and went to a lot of dog shows. That gave me a jump start ahead. I spent 6 months gathering all the good, bad and ugly on every medium to large breed (temperament, intelligence, work capabilities, specifically what each particular breed was bred for, different types of guard dogs, statistical data on bites and aggressive behavior, friendliness, especially toward children, etc.). Take into consideration that I did not have a favorite or a preference at that time. I was taking the approach without favoritism because I was looking for the right breed that suited me and my life-style at the time, the best. I was very familiar with many breeds because of the AKC events I enjoyed for years. I finalized my research, gave it much thought and ended up with a choice between a German Shepard or a Doberman.  I had many experiences with Dobes and GSD’s and both were highly intelligent and great guard dogs and companions. The Doberman won because in my personal experience they tend to be more sensitive to a humans emotional state (and their own); they seem more sentimental, more of an analytical thinker, who scans every option in their brain before deciding or reacting,  just a little more human-like. They also had short hair, an advantage being outdoors in the south and they look more intimidating and stunning! Then after researching about the American Doberman verses the European Doberman, I quickl;y came to one conclusion- ‘the Euro Dobe’. I just couldn’t pass up the beauty, the brawn and the brain- all in one dog! Only ONE perfect fit for me: “The EUROPEAN DOBERMAN.” There is just not a dog built quite like one in body- athletic performance, brain- way of thinking, and heart!

On this quest, I also learned that purchasing quality bred Dobermans was just as important. I contacted a handful of breeders and made my final decision after talking to the breeder, seeing the parents and the pedigrees. Half a year later I brought home my first Dobie baby again (after several years), my buddy- ‘Samson’.

I started out with basic training right away and how quick he was to learn! Then it was time to introduce him to the park, and oh what a social cutie he turned into- to this day! Next we introduced him to protection training, and the trainer said he was a natural. He bit the sleeve the first time he was shown it! The trainer said with enthusiasm, and I quote, “Ya’ll make me wanna go get a Doberman!” (He owned a German Shepherd at the time.) He quickly took a pup from our first litter who became his wife’s close companion as of today.

Samson is now retired and I have to say that I have NEVER, EVER had a dog that was half as amazing in every way as he is (and I had my share of large dogs all my life). I kept on getting on Doberman forums and found out that many claim the very same things about their Dobe that I do about my Dobes: very faithful, stick by your side (Velcro dog), highly intelligent, fearless, very alert guard dog, very athletic, honest, perceptive, sensitive, affectionate, cuddly, playful, quirky (funny!), love children, analytical, determined, and will do any cute or strange thing for attention! Oh, and LOVE to run!

We have several that have joined our Dobe family since then, with many of the same wonderful qualities.  We train for obedience and protection training and go to some events; we have placed two recently in show competition and are now international champions, and enjoy play time and personal time with all of them! You will find us on our Facebook alternating the Dobes at the parks on hiking trails where we run for sport.  I can tell you of several incidents where my Dobes protected me from a dangerous situation (gotta love those wooded isolated trails!). Their affection, protection, quirkiness and faithfulness have filled our hearts with Dobie-magic! We definitely believe we can say that we have found our “perfect fit.” The DOBERMAN~ 🙂