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Always Faithful Roxy

Yasuko Aki-Gentle Child “Roxy” is a larger,IMG_3008 more intimidating looking female. She has always been extremely submissive and very quick to obey. Roxy is more serious by nature than Samson. She is much more laid back than Samson, unless you turn the water hose on high powered stream! Then you see full energy and play. She is very competitive with Samson- with play time, petting time, with everything! It is very entertaining to watch her snarl with her teeth showing at him over the food bowl (in a weird and funny playful manner) and push her way between me and Samson for dominate attention.

Roxy absolutely loves guarding puppies in the yard, even if they aren’t her own and is very nurturing and patient with puppies of all ages. She has the ultimate best heat tolerance I’ve ever known and when outside, is found just pleasantly basking in the sun.Roxy8

She loves obedience training and quickly obeys for that special treat! She enjoys sniffing the air to discover new smells. She does well with tracking training. When it is time to go outside and I say, “Let’s go outside!” Roxy will bark excitedly while looking at me! Roxy also loves jogging on park trails or in neighborhoods. Roxy is more demanding with her affections than our other dobermans, and wants lots of them! Roxy will lie down and cuddle perfectly still forever! More Pics at the bottom of the page.



Height at Withers: 27 inches
Bodyweight: 85-90 pounds



Roxy has been DNA tested for copies of vWD. There are three categories for vWD status: clear, carrier, and affected. Roxy has one normal copy of the gene associated with vWD. So, she is a carrier. When she is bred, we ensure that she is mated with a male that is clear so that all puppies are guaranteed to not be affected. The mating of clear to clear and clear to carrier is common practice in Doberman breeding.


Hips & Elbows

Roxy had an OFA Screening for Hip and Elbow Dysplasia. The results came back Fair Hip Joint Confirmation and Normal Elbow Joint Confirmation.



Roxy had a 24-hour Holter Exam on 7/14/19 and the results were Normal. Roxy had a DNA test done and was found to have two normal PDK-4 genes.



Roxy had an OFA Screening for Thyroid Disorders. The result came back Normal.


Wobbler Syndrome

Roxy shows no physical signs of having wobbler syndrome. Roxy stands up quickly when needed. Roxy loves to sprint full speed as well as trot with no hesitations.



Roxy is determined by looking at a Doberman’s AKC number. If the AKC number has a “Z” in it, then the Doberman (often referred to as Z-factored) has ancestors that carried the albinistic gene. Z-factored Dobermans should never be bred.

Roxy is not a Z-factored dog. Therefore, Roxy does not carry albinism in her genetic makeup.



Roxy passed her CGC testing.


Roxy competed in her first obedience competition at the Georgia Cluster Dog Show on May 12, 2018. Roxy received a qualifying score and placed 3rd place in the AKC Obedience Beginner Class.

Roxy competed at the AKC Golden Retriever Club Obedience Competition on August 3 & 4, 2019 in Lawrenceville, GA. She received 1st place in the beginner novice class on both days. By doing so, Roxy received her BN title.

Coat Color:

bbDd (Brown, Dilute Carrier)


Pedigree Name: Yasuko Aki-Gentle Child

Call Name: Roxy

Birth Country: United States

Current Country: United States


More Pics of Roxy:



Notable Dogs in Pedigree:

Pierce Patrick Od Telepa (Multi Ch, CAC, CACIB)

Great-Grandfather to Roxy