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Always Faithful Supernova


Always Faithful Supernova “Nova” has been a member of our family since she was a small puppy. Nova has a very stable temperament. She is excellent around children, adults, and other dogs. Nova loves to play! Nova hunts the land for small treasures and then brings them back to our doorstep. She has a very special place in our hearts.

Nova does conformation and some obedience. Judges really like her head and facial expressions. They usually comment about how personable her stare at them is. She is on the bigger side of the FCI standard. Some judges refer to her as “cobby” (stocky). Nova is powerful yet graceful. 

Vivaro vom Noblesshof is the father of Supernova. Click here if you would like to see his page.



Height at Withers: 26.5 inches
Bodyweight: 75-80 pounds




Supernova has been DNA tested for copies of vWD. There are three categories for vWD status: clear, carrier, and affected. Supernova has two normal copies of the gene associated with vWD. So, she is clear. When she is bred, we ensure that she is mated with a male that is either clear or carrier so that all puppies are guaranteed to not be affected. The mating of clear to clear and clear to carrier is common practice in Doberman breeding.

Hips & Elbows

Nova had an OFA Preliminary Screening for Hip and Elbow Dysplasia. The results came back Good Hip Joint Confirmation and Negative for Elbow Dysplasia.


Nova had a 24-hour Holter Exam on 6/18/19 and the results were normal.



Nova competed at the 2019 Conyers Peach State Winter Grand Prix in Conyers, GA on February 16th and 17th of 2019, hosted by International Canine Events (ICE). ICE uses FCI standards, which are the same ones used by most European kennel clubs. This was Nova’s first conformation show. Nova received three V-1 ratings and one V-2 rating.


Coat Color:

BBDd (Black, Non-Dilution)


Pedigree Name: Always Faithful Supernova

Call Name: Nova

Parents: Vivaro vom Noblesshof x Gracie vom Tugendhaft

Birth Country: United States 

Current Country: United States

Nova Pedigree w/ Images


Pics of Nova:


Notable Dogs in Pedigree:

Vivaro vom Noblesshof (2011 IDC VP; IPO1, BH; Hip: HD B, vWD Clear, PDK4 DCM Clear)

Father to Supernova


Gracie vom Tugendhaft (Hip: OFA-Fair, vWD Clear, PDK4 DCM Heterozygous)

Mother to Supernova


Argo (AIAD ITAL CH; IPO3, ZTP V1A; Hip: SV: HD a-normal (a1))

Grandfather to Supernova

Nightwish Nera vom Noblesshof (CACIB, CAC; BH; HD-A, DNA: vWD Clear, DCM Negative)

Grandmother to Supernova

Vasco di Casa Coppo (ZTP, IPO3, SCHH3)

Great-grandfather to Supernova

Nera della Sciara (ZTP V, IPO3, SCHH2; HD a-normal (a1))

 Great-grandmother to Supernova

Terror Lewan von Jahrestal (BH, IPO1; HD a-normal (a1))

Great-grandfather to Supernova

Kylie vom Noblesshof (CAC, R.CAC; HD-FCI: A 1/2)

Great-grandmother to Supernova

Unique Best of Island (MULTI CH, IDC WM EXC; IPO 1, ZTP: V-1AHD-FCI: A 1/2, ED-FCI: A 1/2)

Great-grandfather to Supernova

Bono van het Wantij (Int’l Ch; BH; HD: OFA Good, ED: OFA Good)

Great-grandfather to Supernova



Videos of Supernova’s father: