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Pride of Russia Hrizantema


Hrizantema is a red and rust female import from Pride of Russia Kennel in Moscow, Russia. Hrizantema is the progeny of 2015 IDC Open Class Winner Pride of Russia Konan ZTP V-1A and International Champion Sant Kreal Zimnyaya Skazka IPO1. Hrizantema demonstrates extreme intelligence,  great conformation, and a desire to please. She is very special to us and will make a great addition to the AFD line.

Pride of Russia Hrizantema – Pedigree Database webpage (click on this link to see an interactive pedigree of Hrizantema)


Height at Withers: 26.5 inches
Bodyweight: 75 pounds



Hrizantema has been DNA tested for copies of vWD. There are three categories for vWD status: clear, carrier, and affected. Hrizantema has two normal copies of the gene associated with vWD. So, she is clear. When she is bred, we ensure that she is mated with a male that is either clear or carrier so that all puppies are guaranteed to not be affected. The mating of clear to clear and clear to carrier is common practice in Doberman breeding.


Hips & Elbows

Hrizantema had an OFA Screening for Hip and Elbow Dysplasia. The results came back Good Hip Joint Confirmation and Normal Elbow Joint Confirmation.



Hrizantema had a 24-hour Holter Exam on 5/26/19 and the results were normal.



Hrizantema had an OFA Screening for Thyroid Disorders. The result came back Normal.


Wobbler Syndrome

Hrizantema shows no physical signs of having wobbler syndrome. Hrizantema stands up quickly when needed. Hrizantema loves to sprint full speed as well as trot with no hesitations.



Albinism is determined by looking at a Doberman’s AKC number. If the AKC number has a “Z” in it, then the Doberman (often referred to as Z-factored) has ancestors that carried the albinistic gene. Z-factored Dobermans should never be bred.

Hrizantema is not a Z-factored dog. Therefore, Hrizantema does not carry albinism in her genetic makeup.



Hrizantema tested negative for sexually transmitted disease Brucellosis.



Hrizantema passed her CGC testing.



Hrizantema entered the 2018 Peach State Summer Sieger in Lawrenceville, GA on June 30th and July 1st, 2018. Hrizantema received V-1 ratings and BOB in all four shows. She received her IABCA International Champion title shortly after this event.



Coat Color:

bbDd (Brown, Dilute Carrier)


Pedigree Name: Pride of Russia Hrizantema

Call Name: Sasha

Parents: Pride of Russia Hrizantema x Sant Kreal Zimnyaya Skazka

Birth Country: Russia 

Current Country: United States

*The RKF FCI EXPORT pedigree shows work and show titles of dogs in pedigree.


Sasha Pedigree w/ Images



Hrizantema’s DNA identification has been analyzed and recorded with AKC.


Pics of Hrizantema:


Notable Dogs in Pedigree:

Pride of Russia Konan (Winner Open Class IDC 2015, CH.INT,CH.RUS, J.CH.RUS-EURASIA; ZTP V-1A, BH; HD-A)

Father to Hrizantema

Sant Kreal Zimnyaya Skazka (CH.RUS-RKF-SLO-UKR-BLR. J.CH.RUS-BLR, CH.CLUB-RUS; BH, IPO-1, T-1; HD-A, WD-Clear, Cardio-Free)

Mother to Hrizantema

Punsh iz Doma Domeni (Int. Ch., G.CH-RUS, CH.RUS-BLR-ROM-LIT-GRG-SRB-BLG, CH.CLUB-RUS, 4xCACIB; BH, ZTP EX-1A, IPO1; HD-A1 PHPV-PHTVL- free – Elbows: FCI: A 1/2)

Grandfather to Hrizantema

*many of the pics of Punsh were taken when he was 9 and 10 years old

Pride of Russia One More (J.CH RUS, CH.RUS, 4 x J.CAC, 3хCAC, ССС; IPO-1; HD-B, Cardio-free,PHTL/PHPV-Katarakt-free)

Grandmother to Hrizantema


Grandfather to Hrizantema

Sant Kreal Nobless (CH.RUS-BALKAN-LAT-LIT-UKR-BUL-BLR. GRAND CH BUL, J.CH-RUS-U; IPO-1Hip: HD-A (Germany), Eyes-healthy, PPM-free, RD-free, CEA-free, PRA-free, PHTVL/PHPV-0)

Grandmother to Hrizantema

Jivago van het Wantij (INT’L.CH; ADPR,BH,IPO3,ZTP 1A-V,ANGEKORT ZVA-1A,LC-10DHip: SV: HD a-normal (a1) – Elbows: SV: HD a-normal (a1))

Great-grandfather to Hrizantema

Mirakel v.d. Räuberhöhle (INT’L.KLUB.CH.; IPO1Hip: FCI: A 1/2)

Great-grandmother to Hrizantema


Great-grandfather to Hrizantema


Videos of Hrizantema’s Parents: