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Vivien vom Noblesshof is a red and rust female imported from Noblesshof Kennel & Dog Training School. Vivien is the progeny of 2016 IDC Sieger and International Champion Eutay del Nasi IPO1, BH, ZTP V1a and 2013 & 2016 Balkan Siegerin and International Champion Della Sidarta vom Noblesshof IPO-2, BH, ZTP V1A. We received Vivien when she was 1 year and 10 months old. Vivien has excellent health, temperament, and structure. Vivien is a “natural” when it comes to posing for conformation or sprinting towards the sleeve of the decoy; she loves to perform. We are extremely pleased to have Vivien in our family as she will make a huge difference to the AFD line.

Vivien vom Noblesshof – Pedigree Database webpage (click on this link to see an interactive pedigree of Vivien)


Height at Withers: 26.5 inches
Bodyweight: 70-75 pounds



Vivien is vWD clear by parentage. This means that both of Vivien’s parents were vWD clear, thus guaranteeing that Vivien is clear.



The standard protocol for determining DCM status of Dobermans are the following tests: Auscultation, 24-hour Holter, and Echocardiogram. Auscultation is the listening of the heart. 24-hour Holter is the recording of the heart’s electrical activity during a 24 hour period. The Echocardiogram is a sonogram showing the anatomy of the heart.

Vivien’s ausculation was perfect. Vivien’s 24-hour Holter results for 2018 came back clear with no irregularities. Vivien’s echocardiogram was normal. Below are the results of these cardio tests.





Vivien had an OFA Screening for Thyroid Disorders. The result came back Normal.



Hip & Elbow Dysplasia

Vivien has had her hips evaluated and they came back with a rating of B, which is equivalent to “Good” in the OFA classification system. Vivien has also had her elbows evaluated and they came back with a “normal” rating of 0.




Vivien’s eyes were checked by a licenced veterinarian and were found to be normal. Below is the certificate for her eye exam.



Wobbler Syndrome

Vivien shows no physical signs of having wobbler syndrome. Vivien stands up quickly when needed. Vivien loves to sprint full speed as well as trot with no hesitations.




Albinism is determined by looking at a Doberman’s AKC number. If the AKC number has a “Z” in it, then the Doberman (often referred to as Z-factored) has ancestors that carried the albinistic gene. Z-factored Dobermans should never be bred.

Vivien is not a Z-factored dog. Therefore, Vivien does not carry albinism in her genetic makeup.



Vivien tested negative for sexually transmitted disease Brucellosis.




During her upbringing at Noblesshof Kennel, Vivien earned her Begleithund (BH) title showing that she has correct obedience, socialness, and temperament.




Vivien entered the Open Class of the Champion Cup in Becej, Serbia on 4/15/2018 and received an excellent rating (V3) by the judge. On 5/20/2018, Vivien entered a National All-Breed Dog Show in Srbobran, Serbia. She went Best of Breed with an excellent rating by the judge and received her Certificat d’Aptitude au Championnat (CAC). CAC is a national title used in countries that conform to FCI standards.  On 7/7/2018, Vivien competed in a National All-Breed Dog Show in Sremski Karlovci, Serbia. She received an excellent rating and another CAC title. Below are the results of these competitions.


Vivien competed at the 2019 Atlanta Peach State Autumn Grand Prix on November 2 & 3, 2019. She placed 1st in all four shows and received the following ratings: V-2, V-1, V-1, and V-1. These conformation ratings allowed her to qualify for a National Champion Title.

Coat Color:

bbDD (Brown, Non-Dilute)


Pedigree Name: Vivien vom Noblesshof

Call Name: Vivi

Parents: Eutay del Nasi x Della Sidarta vom Noblesshof

Birth Country: Serbia 

Current Country: United States



*The KSS FCI EXPORT pedigree shows work and show titles of dogs in pedigree.

Vivien Pedigree with Images




Vivien’s DNA identification has been analyzed and recorded with AKC.



Pics of Vivien:



Videos of Vivien:



Notable Dogs in Pedigree:

Eutay del Nasi (IDC Sieger ’16, HDK yearwinner ’17, UKR & SVK winner ’17; IPO1, BH, ZTP, V1A; vWD Clear, HD – B, Cardio-Free)

Father to Vivien



Della Sidarta vom Noblesshof (’13 & ’16 Balkan Siegerin, Int’l Ch, Cup Ch.x3, Serbian Ch, Montenegro Ch; BH, IPO-2, ZTP V1A; HD-A, vWD Clear, Cardio-Free)

Mother to Vivien



Pride of Russia Taymir (’15 & ’16 ADP Sieger, Int’l Ch, ’15 World Dog Show Milano -2nd Ch Class, Port. Ch, Span. Ch, Gibraltar Ch, Iber. Ch; Sociability test, BH, IPO I, ADPr, ZTP V IAHD A, Cardio – Free, Wobbler free, Eyes free, Hypothyroidism free)

Grandfather to Vivien



Eureka del Nasi (’12 IDC Siegerin, ’10 IDC Puppy Sieger, ’12 Euro Sieger; IPO1, BH; HD-A)

Grandmother to Vivien




Nanuk vom Noblesshof (Serb. Ch, Bosnia & Herzegovina Ch, ’10 Dobe Cup Winner, ’10 Olympic Trophy Honor, 5 x CAC v1, 3 x CACIB v1; BH, IPO1, ZTP V1A; HD-A, vWD Clear, DCM DNA Neg, PHTVL/PHPV free, Wobbler Negative)

Grandfather to Vivien



Olympia Maya vom Noblesshof (Vice Jr Club Winner ’09, Candidate for Youth Serb. Ch; BH; HD-A, vWD Clear, Wobbler Negative)

Grandmother to Vivien


Videos of Vivien’s Father & Grandparents: