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Dobermans do not have an undercoat and therefore can have minor skin issues that can arise every now and then- especially if you do a lot with your Dobe outdoors in the summer months or he plays in holding water reservoirs, e.g., lakes, streams. When their body parts are exposed to the elements for long durations, or are not bathed after certain exposures, certain skin issues can develop, e.g., staph, ringworm, allergies, dryer, itchier skin. Young Dobes, especially younger puppies can have some folliculitis breakouts and the regimens below can help with that also.

Note: Diluted Dobermans (blue or fawn- Isabella) have less hair follicle than the standard Doberman (black or red) and are even more prone to skin issues when their skin is exposed to the elements. This has nothing to do with their immune system in general. Here is a list of natural supplements and remedies that help ensure a healthier skin and coat for either.

  • Dobes are NOT outdoor living dogs!!!! The humidity and heat will cause all kinds of skin attacks like staff and ringworm. They are also much more sensitive to cold weather as they have less hair to keep warm.
  • Dilutes tend to have more medication sensitivities to their skin like dryness or itchiness.
  • Use sensitive skin and conditioning skin shampoos; no harsh chemicals
  • Spray the skin relief spray on dog when needed (leave on)
  • Feed healthy oils on a daily basis to prevent dryness and sensitive skin: Omega 3 oils. Fish oil, olive oil, coconut oil (2 TASP daily or a supplement according to directions
  • Feed whole foods (list is on the puppy info pkg.)
  • If a staph flare-up happens, don’t panic; it is not risky to the dogs health like it looks
  • Directions:
    • Use-
      • Benzoyl peroxide dog shampoo with salicylic acid every other day according to directions (this will dry out the staph pimple-like bumps or folliculitis)
      • Borax/hydrogen peroxide dip according to directions every opposite day as above or right after the other bath if condition is multiplied (this will kill the bacteria and ringworm if any exists)
  • Lime Sulphur dip– according to directions every 3 days ( after the benzoyl bath)
  • Keep dog from lying in dirt or digging up dirt
  • Keep dog out of ponds and lake
  • Keep dog from being chewed on by another dog- all these produce built-up bacteria on dogs fur which finds its way to the skin easily and causes staph, folliculitis, ringworm, etc
  • Bath your dog after certain encounters with the above.
  • There are recipes on ‘Natural Remedies Recipes’ page