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History of the Doberman

  • The Doberman breed started off being developed by a tax collector by the name of Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann in Germany during the middle and late 1800’s. Being a tax collector during that time was a potentially dangerous job, for the tax collector had to collect taxes from many citizens, even in areas where thieves and rough necks lived. He also ran the local dog kennel and had access to many breeds in that area. We do not know for sure all the breeds combined to make such a superior breed but many believe the list includes: The Beauceron, Greyhound, Rottweiler, the Old German Shepherd Dog, Great Dane, Weimaraner, German Shorthaired Pointer, Manchester Terrier, and German Pinscher.
  • Mr. Doberman was determined to keep breeding different breeds of dogs together with certain traits until he came up with the perfect potpourri of dogs and the one and only “personal protector.” He needed the perfect combination of superior traits. The breed had to be loyal and sensitive (not wanting to leave one’s side-Velcro dog), fearless, athletic, fast, and strong. The breed also had to be intelligent, attentive, perceptive, discerning, analytical, i.e., a clear, quick and correct thinker (not impulsive, not just instinctive, or only able to just follow commands). He had to be able to think for himself in many different situations, because sometimes a command would not be able to be given. The breed had to respond to an individual situation wisely, and at times, on his own volition. He had to perceive the difference between a friendly person and a potential threat. He needed to be able to be around a lot of various types of activities without getting stressed out. And all of that combined is what the Doberman turned out to be. After Mr. Dobermann passed, the breed was perfected even more, mainly for the true look and feel of a Doberman that we know of today. Today, one of the main reasons people purchase a Doberman is for an intelligent, keen, perceptive and faithful family companion.

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