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Always Faithful Salvador Amor

Salvador is a young dog out of our breeding program. Salvador was the pick of the litter from one of our past breeding. Salvador has great structure, nice angulation, blunt wedge muzzle, gorgeous head, perfect size, and excellent muscularity. His temperament is happy-go-lucky with no timidity. We are currently progressing him through young dog bite development. When he is closer to one year old, he will receive personal protection dog training with a focus on real life scenarios. We also plan on showing Salvador in some IABCA and ICE dog shows (to judge conformation and beauty using the FCI standard).

I will update this page when we take pictures and receive health test results.


Coat Color:

BbDD (Black, Non-Dilute)


Pedigree Name: Always Faithful Salvador Amor

Call Name: Sal

Parents: Nike Betelges x Always Faithful Supernova

Birth Country: United States (@ Always Faithful Dobermans kennel)

Current Country: United States