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Samson is a one of a kind. I can’t say I have ever been around a dog quite like him! He has a full personality; our veterinarian actually calls him Mr. Personality. He is very funny and makes people laugh with his creative ways-haha. He is highly intelligent and very discerning, sensitive and sentimental. He loves attention and loves to play! You can create any game or job for him and he will catch onto it quickly and engage fully. He has a high work drive and utilizes it with any given opportunity! He has a very high guard, and his eyes and ears miss nothing! He is our 24 hour live surveillance camera.Sambo9

He has a big heart! He always brings his bones and toys to other dogs to share but when the dogs take them and don’t share in return, he barks at them and comes and tells us!  He gets sad and pouts when another dog has destroyed his stuffed play toys and has even been known to retrieve them from the trash! (Especially one baby doll we had to keep putting back into the trash.) His favorite toys are the ones that sing!

He is one of the most social Dobermans there is. He absolutely loves meeting new people and welcomes everyone we do into our home like family. He can be courteous too. He taught himself to sit for children in parks when they come up to him to pet h
im and to move out of the walking path of strangers. He loves going on any kind of adventure, whether it is in the deep woods, on trails or in a public building shopping. His favorite things to do is meet people, jog on running trails at the park, go to protection training, and stick by mommies side.

Samson is a very inquisitive dog and feels it is his job to inspect who and whatIMG_3613 you bring into the house; he keeps us informed with what’s going on everywhere. He thinks his name is “Deputy Samson.” He keeps all dogs that come over in check. He will bark at a dog if it tries to escape out of the yard, eats trash or anything else he thinks they are doing wrong, then he will come and bark at us to follow him to the scene of the crime!

He follows mommy everywhere she goes. He is my literal shadow and close companion. He stares into my eyes with such deep feelings and thoughts. If I talk to someone too long in the house or on the phone, his favorite thing to do is get on his back for attention because he knows I think it’s adorable!

Samson is a very balanced dog. He can play with kids, dogs, and adults wonderfully. He displays incredible patience, acts proper in public, works hard when on a job, then relaxes for hours inside like an older dog and cuddle when its cuddle time. His temperament is awesome! More Pics at the bottom of the page.


Height at Withers: 29 inches
Bodyweight: 100-105 pounds



Samson has been DNA tested for copies of vWD. There are three categories for vWD status: clear, carrier, and affected. Samson carries one copy of the gene responsible for vWD. So, he is a carrier and not affected. When he is bred, we ensure that he is mated with a female that is clear so that all puppies are guaranteed to not be affected. The mating of clear to clear and clear to carrier is common practice in doberman breeding.




The standard protocol for determining DCM status of Dobermans are the following tests: Auscultation, 24-hour Holter, and Echocardiogram. Auscultation is the listening of the heart. 24-hour Holter is the recording of the heart’s electrical activity during a 24 hour period. The Echocardiogram is a sonogram showing the anatomy of the heart.

Samson’s ausculation was perfect. Samson’s 24-hour Holter results for 2017 came back clear with no irregularities. Click on image below for more information. If the holter image is still too small, then click on this link Samson 12 21 17 Holter Report .pages Samson’s echocardiogram came back normal. Below is Samson’s Holter results and OFA cardio certificate.


Samson’s eyes were checked by a board certified veterinary opthalmologist and were found to be normal. Below is the OFA certificate for his eye exam.

Wobbler Syndrome

Samson shows no physical signs of having wobbler syndrome. Samson stands up quickly when needed. Samson likes to run and play full speed with no hesitations.



Albinism is determined by looking at a Doberman’s AKC number. If the AKC number has a “Z” in it, then the Doberman (often referred to as Z-factored) has ancestors that carried the albinistic gene. Z-factored Dobermans should never be bred.

Samson is not a Z-factored dog. Therefore, Samson does not carry albinism in his genetic makeup.

Coat Color:

BbDd (Black, Dilute Carrier)



Pedigree Name: Satoru Tamotsu-Perceptive Protector

Call Name: Samson

Birth Country: United States 

Current Country: United States


More Pics of Samson:



Videos of Samson:



Notable Dogs in Pedigree:

Pierce Patrick Od Telepa (Multi Ch, CAC, CACIB)

Grandfather to Samson

Eko Royal Bell (Int. Ch., CRO Ch., IDC Junior Sieger 2002ZTP V1A,VPG)

Great-Grandfather to Samson

Janis Jopplin od Telepa (CACIB, CAC; IPO1)

Great-Grandmother to Samson

Wiking Di Perlanera (TRI INT’L CH; IPO I,HD-A)

Great-Grandfather to Samson