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Vivien’s sonogram & all she could do is try to get up all in my space & shoot me with a million kisses- one right in the open eyeball! Lol this dog has the velcro thing thing to the 10th power! 😊 Dobie love
What pops up on my timeline- we miss Columbus parks! Samson & Roxy are seniors now but we get on trails here n there when we can- busy is as busy does, plus our only park here trails are like deer trails- narrow with tall weeds n thorns haha
A cold rainy cozy nap kind of a day....😊
Sasha & Nike- We are getting close!
My almost 9 year old running trails protection buddy!I love when he just stares- look at his eyes!🐾😍❤️
Samson waiting for me in one of his favorite places- our SUV! Love my handsome buddy!😍❤️🐾
Nova enjoying Spring-time with her stuffed toy pal!😊😎Image attachment
Sasha’s stinker tries so hard to push her motherly buttons!look at those teeth!😂

1 years ago

Always Faithful Dobermans

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Some doggy stole a true selfie shot after our run! Haha
Yes we had to going running together after I got back- ASAP. He is now a happy camper! Trail running- a natural high!❤️
Somebody missed me when I was gone! I missed you too buddy!
Play with me!!!!😊❤️
Seriously Vivien? I love you but no; this is not going to happen - impossible. You are taking this Velcro dog thing a little too far! 😂🤣
Sweet Roxy Girl competed at the AKC Golden Retriever Club Obedience Competition on 8/03 and 8/04 in Lawrenceville, GA. She received 1st place in the beginner novice class on both days. By doing so, Roxy received her BN title. This was a lot of fun!!! Sorry for the late post, AKC sent the certificate to our old address. Next up is the CD title during the next few seasons.Image attachmentImage attachment
Abraham- our Vivaro Noblesshof & Gracie Tugendhaft’s pup.  This young lady is amazing what she does with him! Outdoors fun with your furry partner! ❤️Image attachment
Samson & I had a full run at Chehaw nature trials & a pleasant walk! He ha lost some weight on his new whole foods diet now only 105 very lean. Love my Buddy!
National dog day!
What can I say? I could write books on our dogs & the adventures & fun we have! Love our Dobes!
We hit the trails to run this morning!fire breaks messing up our runs everywhere! 
Have a safe blessed Fourth of July & remember why we celebrate it!🙂Image attachment
Vivaro & Roxy’s baby girl turned out awesome & huge. ❤️Image attachment
Shawn with His new fur baby & Nike & Vivien’s remarkable working girl-Rylee!
Ready to eat a super healthy supper?! 
Not ours but for my Dobes!
Deer burger, coconut oil , pinots, mixed veggies and mixed berries. 😀🐕🐾
Nike & Vivien’s boy went to his forever home- Perfect fit ❤️Image attachment
Mommy daughter time conversing in my garden area after playing. ❤️She’s going to miss this baby this weekend that’s been on hold for almost a month.
Healthy Whole Foods I mix into dog food. Steps according to pics:
1. Cook chicken breast with bones( add water) in a slow cooker for 10 hours on low so bones turn soft!-Let cool. Shred with hands or a kitchen tool until all bones are mashed( if a few don’t mash or break into super fine pieces you can throw them out)
2. Separate broth water 
3. Put into blender any mix of frozen fruits & veggies dogs are allowed to eat. You can add coconut oil, and different healthy supplements into mix 
4. Add broth water until blended or chopped well
5. Stir the blender mixture with the shredded chicken 
6. Freeze right away and leftovers put in individual serving size freezer bags. You can mark what kind it is and date it
7. You can use it different ways.
If you put the frozen bag under warm water the mix will pop out of bag frozen and you can heat in in a pan for a warm meal or you can let it thaw out during the day for a meal later. You can mix it into dog food so you can 50/50 portions of mix and dog food.  Sry healthy and they never turn their nose down to dog food again.
My dogs are sooo picky so I have to chop up veggies n fruits with meat &/ or dog food. But I make sure they get their nutrients and I make sure I do too!Image attachment
For such finicky eaters, my Dobes love these frozen treats packed full of nutrients. Aren’t they cute?! Homemade with love. 💕
Health helps create happiness! Time to make some more nutritional supplements!
If you want any info on whole food health or natural supplements I will be glad to email some detailed information!🙂
Sasha Baby playing in the Spring weather.
A long day out of town getting ear crops . The vet office had really nice murals & the sun setting on the way home was nice. Pups we’re starving when we got home after 9pm!!! Now time to separate all of them.
AF Supernova enjoying the beautiful Spring day!Image attachmentImage attachment
When you turn around & bam- a Dobe looking at you goofy- like. Velcro dogs for sure. They’re like ghosts. They pop up out of nowhere when a second ago they were running around the land! Haha
Six weeks today! Nike & Viviens girl
6 weeks today! Nike & Vivien’s girl!
Nike &Vivian’s lil boy
When you check on pups before bedtime & they are all grouped 2 by 2’s! Haha too adorable!
When you see a face with an eye looking at you in a semi dark room when your half asleep thinking it’s a real critter & its just your dogs toy in a bag! It fooled me for a brief second!😂
We had a good run today. Perfect refreshing weather! ❤️ my trail running buddies!Image attachment
This girl loves hanging with the golden rods! & this is the lovin I get when I join her! Sweet lovin baby girl!❤️
❤️sweet baby girl! Loves kisses!