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Oksamit de Grande Vinko

In our opinion, Oksamit de Grande Vinko represents the ultimate male Doberman! Oksamit has the “show” and the “go”! We believe Oksamit is a very rare male! Oksamit has successfully competed in both IDC World Show and Work Championships. Oksamit has incredible health, even at the age of 8 years old (the age that we used him for stud). Glenn Karlsen, Oksamit’s owner, says that Oksamit at 8 years old acts just like he did when he was 2 years old. Oksamit has had a plethora of health testing done. Oksamit had cardio tests ran recently and they all came back normal. Oksamit has many work titles in tracking, obedience, and protection. Oksamit is both social and courageous.

Thank you Glenn for sharing Oksamit with us!!!

We will be using Oksamit frozen semen with Vivien vom Noblesshof during 2020 and 2021 years.

Click on this link to see the pedigree of Oksamit De Grande Vinko.


HD-A (Germany)
vWD – clear
DCM DNA negative
CARDIO free (24hrs Holter + Echo as recent as 2018)
CEA – PRA – free
Complete teeth


MH (Mentality test)
IPO 3 (SK Strup, judge Goran Wessman)
ZTP V1V at only 14 months (Rudi Killmaier)
Körung 1A

2014 IDC Weltmeisterschaft: 72/88/83 = 243 – 17th out of 42

2013 IDC Weltmeisterschaft: 80/88/92 = 260 – 19th out of 43


Oksamit has excellent conformation and it shows in his placings in IDC World Championships.

Latvian Champion
Latvian Winner 2012
Latvian Dobermann Club Winner 2012 (E.Szokol)
Latvian Winner 2011
Latvian Club Winner 2011
IDC 2010 – V3 Youth Class
IDC 2011 – V4 Working Class
IDC 2014 – Working Class Winner
IDC 2014 – Best Progeny Group

Pics of Oksamit:

Videos of Oksamit:

*If you wish to view Oksamit’s performance in the Korung 2014 video, then skip to 11:40.

Notable Dogs in Oksamit’s Pedigree: