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Puppy Preparation

Here is a helpful list to get you off to a heads start on preparing for your new puppy arrival.

Feeding and water bowl– Take into consideration pup will grow into a large sized dog when picking out the size and durability of the dishes.

Leash/collar/harness– You will have to purchase a puppy sized collar and/or harness and an adult sized one later on. All 3 must be durable. Take into consideration your comfort when purchasing different types of leashes. Some types can be hard on hands or too heavy as a leash.

Large or X-Large dog crate– This is very beneficial to pup adjusting to the order of the home and crate potty training works great. The crate is a good place for pup to calm down, take naps, etc.

Puppy pads

Dog shampoo-pure ingredients that help keep skin and coat healthy

Puppy food– Clean puppy food designed for large breeds- without chemicals, corn, wheat (You can refer to my puppy nutrition sheeet in the Puppy Info Pack I will send you).

Treats and/or a clicker for training– Healthy treats purchased or homemade for basic obedience training really encourage obedience to basic commands and rules around the house. The clicker works great along with treats.

Toys– Dobes love toys! Any kind will be appreciated. Note: If you don’t want your pup shredding up stuffed toys- train pup not to. 🙂

Nutritional supplements- To ensure optimal health with your growing pup; I highly recommend some basic nutritional supplements, especially through the first year of vaccinations, ear crops and an immature immune system as a pup. Refer to the nutritional supplements sheet for detail.

Ear posting supplies– If your pups’ ears are cropped please refer to the ear posting sheet for detailed supplies list and instructions.