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Puppy Purchasing Process

If you are interested in purchasing one of our pups, here are the steps in order to take.

  • Fill out a AFD Buyer Questionnaire Form and sign the bottom. This form gives me the basic information about your family unit, settings, knowledge and experience so that I may better assist you in several ways.
  • Read thoroughly and sign the bottom of the Buyer Contract FormThis form has a lot of important information on the breed you chose so we both will know you are knowledgeable about owning a dog, the responsibilities, and a Doberman in particular- Note: I will be sending you the forms through PDF. With both forms you may print a hard copy, sign it, take a screen shot and send me the full sheet with your signature or you can download and send back the sheet that way.
  • I will have a phone conversation with you to go over everything needed and then I will send you the Holding Deposit Agreement which ensures your deposit will hold your pup of choice until pup is 8 weeks of age and that deposit will be deducted off of the final price. Note: If for any reason you choose to back down after the deposit has been sent, the deposit is NOT refundable. (Time is money) I spend a lot of time with each potential new family and give each a lot of helpful information.
  • You will then send me your deposit of $400 via certified check (bank or personal), bank wire transfer, wire, or cash. I do not accept credit cards or Pay Pal.
  • I will send you a paid deposit receipt as soon as the deposit goes through.
  • I will send updates, pics and videos on bitches pregnancy, birth of pups and developing pups until they are ready to go to their forever home.
  • If you choose to crop pups ears then I will need the $400 by the 6 week of pups birth date to give to the ear cropping veterinarian- Note: You may send this at the same time as your deposit.
  • You will pay the remainder of the balance in cash when you pick up puppy or I drop puppy off.

Note: If you are having puppy shipped then the final payment will be paid along with the other payments above, so basically paid in full upfront.