Doberman: loving, intelligent, and protective

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Which Gender is Best For You?

Male or Female?

When choosing to bring a new puppy into the family and you are considering which gender to choose, here are some quick tidbits of information about each gender. Note: This is not meant to assume all males or all females are a certain way, as both genders can have some variations. This is just a list of the typical norm of each gender.


•  Larger, heavier, more powerful

•  Usually more alpha

•  More confident and assertive

•  Fearless- Tend to need firmer discipline because they are so fearless that they don’t submit as easily as a female

•  Can be more daring

•  Raise leg to tinkle on everything if left intact


•  Smaller, lighter (still a lot of power, just not as much)

•  Tend to be more submissive

•  Tend to be more competitive for attention

•  Tend to be easier to deal with altogether

•  Have a heat cycle 2 times a year and will mark during that time if not spayed and will be touchier and more alpha during the heat

Both Genders

•  Very affectionate, very Velcro

•  Very athletic

•  Highly intelligent, quick learners

•  Can be very obedient and submissive when properly trained

•  Very faithful and protective

•  Adore their children and will watch over them faithfully

•  Can have higher work drive and enjoy protection training

•  Are perceptive and sensitive

•  Love to play

•  Love their families deeply