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Why Choose a Doberman?

There is a good selection of large breeds to choose from, so why choose a Doberman?

Many people choose a particular type of dog because they had them growing up, or because everyone else has that breed in their area. Some people choose a particular breed to serve a specific purpose, e.g., hunting dog, lap dog, guard dog. When choosing a breed, many people do not consider what that particular breed was originally bred for. Many do not take into consideration the strong potential of the genetic traits and drive of a particular breed, and how the people forming that particular breed spent years intentionally perfecting it to create certain traits, capabilities, tendencies, drive, work ethics, etc. In doing this, the breeders knew they would get a certain type of dog breed as a whole, that would perform or act as the breeder had planned and worked so hard for. Know the breed and its genetic traits. Don’t just assume by hear-say or past experience alone. This will save one a lot of disappointments, and even troubles. The breed must match with the family and its lifestyle. A mix match would be a horrible experience for both family and dog, e.g., a high energy dog locked up in an apartment all day with a person who doesn’t go on walks or won’t take time to train a dog and take it on walks to parks or play with it.

Just read about the Doberman history and why this breed was created to begin with. Read about the Dobermans variety of uses for mankind throughout its history, up to the present. Today one of the main things a Doberman is purchased for that it excels in, is a protective, faithful furry family member.

The Doberman is a working class dog and needs a job to do and will be miserable sitting in a backyard being ignored; he probably would not tolerate such neglect. He could become destructive or even worse. I know my Dobes wouldn’t! The Doberman is actually the only breed of dog/guard dog that was specifically bred to be a personal bodyguard. He is the 24 surveillance dog. The Doberman is truly “the potpourri of dogs”, the perfect combination of qualities from certain intentionally selected breeds to give the perfect blend all in one breed. And what a special fragrance they can add to our lives! Because of the perfect mix of breeds and genetic traits, the Doberman has been used in a wide variety of jobs and has excelled in all of them: guard and protection, IPO (Schutzhund), military and police work, search and rescue, guide dogs, tracking, dog sports, therapy and of course, the all-time favorite: a faithful family pet!

Because he was bred to be a ‘personal bodyguard’, he will want to stay close to his family unit and know he is a close part of his family. He will want to stay near the family to be able to observe activities and surroundings and make sure everyone is safe and happy. She will be very discerning and sensitive to everyone’s moods. She will be concerned if she sees someone unhappy and will show you by her facial expressions and try to better the mood with close affections. He will pay very close attention to your faces and vocal sounds and see how you react to everything to make sure things check in as “ok” with you first. She likes a lot of attention but can hang around for hours without it, waiting patiently for ‘her turn’. She can sit quietly by your side on a long  rainy day, play outside with the kids for hours, cuddle in the bed at night, go on fun adventures and learn just about anything you show him. He loves to play and learns new tricks and games quickly! Dobermans are sometimes considered “quirky” for they will do many unusual things to get your attention or just because their brain can think of it! They have a lot of personality and you will find your family very entertained and laughing a lot at your quirky Dobe! They are the most versatile dog there is! They are the true ‘well-rounded’ dog. The Doberman is a very impressive breed of dog for many reasons.

If you are looking for an ‘eye-catching’ dog that is keen, intelligent, powerful and athletic; a dog that is sensitive, perceptive, loving, entertaining and very faithful, and you enjoy interacting with a larger dog and want a very close companion that stays on guard but also loves to play and be engaged with the family, then you will fit in perfect with the Doberman.